Forsythia Intermedia
(Forsythia x intermedia)

  • Type: Deciduous
  • Light: Sun
  • Height: 8-10'
  • Spread: 10-12'
  • Flower: Yellow
  • Bloom: Early Spring
  • Fruit:
  • Fruit Time:

Forsythia x intermedia, commonly known as border forsythia, is a deciduous shrub with upright-arching to spreading, often square-stemmed branches. Grows 6-10’ tall spreading to as much as 12’ wide. Shrubs are primarily noted for their brilliant, 4-lobed, often abundant golden flowers (each to 1 1/2” long) which typically bloom in clusters of 2-6 along the branches in late winter to early spring. Flowers bloom before, or in some cases simultaneous to, the emergence of the new foliage. This shrub is sometimes referred to as the harbinger of spring or the ultimate symbol of spring because the flowers brighten the landscape at a time when not much else is in bloom.

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