(Eriobotrya japonica)

  • Type: Evergreen
  • Light: Full Sun
  • Height: 25-30'
  • Spread: 20-25'
  • Flower: White
  • Bloom: Fall
  • Fruit: Yellow
  • Fruit Time: Late Spring

Eriobotrya japonica, commonly called loquat, Japanese medlar or Japanese plum, is a small, short-trunked, upward-branching, broadleaf evergreen tree that typically grows to 10-25' tall with a round form. It also often grows as a large spreading shrub. Best grown in fertile, evenly moist, well-drained loams in full sun to part shade. Fragrant, five-petaled, white flowers in large panicles bloom in late fall-early winter. Flowers are followed by small spherical to pear-shaped fruits (to 1-2" long), each with juicy flesh and one to several large seeds. Fruits typically ripen in spring 

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